Reward yourself

Ricciolo Rewards is a unique program that rewards you every time you visit us.  For every dollar  you spend, you earn points towards FREE Loyalty Certificates from Ricciolo Salon & Day Spa.

A guaranteed return on every investment.
When you make any purchase, simply ask the receptionist to look you up by name or phone number.  We will automatically track your purchases and assign points to your membership

For every 200 points you accumulate, you will automatically receive a $10.00 loyalty certificate to redeem on your next visit.    All purchases earn 1 point for every dollar spent – some promotional purchases may earn more.  Best of all, there is no limit!

It’s Free…Seriously.  There is no charge or fee associated with the Ricciolo Rewards Program.

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Wanna look younger?! ....... 

​​​​​Ricciolo Salon and Day Spa is proud to have Facial Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Chow M.D.,  offering an array of Non-Surgical Facial Treatments, such as Botox, Juvederm, Restylane, and Latisse, for our clients in the conveniece of our Salon and Spa. Book your free consultation with Dr. Chow to learn how you can look your best!